Taking Control of Your Plantar Fasciitis

This is a 6-week course designed to reduce and eliminate pain associated with PF or other foot related issues.  This movement-based holistic approach gives you the tools to finally take control of your PF related issues so you can do all the things you love!

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In this course, Master Trainer Missy Bunch teaches you how to master your Plantar Fasciitis the right way so you can do the things you want and love, while living a better life now!  This training will change your life.

Taking Control of Your Plantar Fasciitis is a movement-based training system designed to take the breaks off your body and perform at a higher level.  This one-of-a-kind training is grounded in the latest science and provides you with a community of people who are taking control of their PF the right way

In this course, you’ll get:

  •  World class coaching and instruction
  •  Instructional videos
  •  Downloadable PDFs
  •  Full access to the Death of the Desk membership site for 6 weeks
  •  Community support and forum access

Here's what Taking Control of Your Plantar Fasciitis is doing for people:

Pain from a 7 to a 0!

I sit in an office all day, but do get to the gym for exercise in the afternoon.   My discomfort was more of an annoyance then an actual function of pain; I knew something wasn’t right because my feet/ankles felt weak and I had some discomfort periodically when I would walk/exercise.

Almost immediate relief during the program. I remember the first session was while I was in NYC where I was doing a lot of walking and carrying a 35 pound child on my shoulderes…generally if I do a lot of walking or working out my feet will feel pretty beat up; however just the exercises from the first week was enough to aid in that discomfort.

Before the program I was at a 6-7 and after the program I am at a 0, pain-free, no more discomfort.”

-Mark Wilke

Pain from a 10 to a 0!

“I do a million types of jobs. Some phlebotomy, smiths and taking care of my grandma. My pain before the program was excruciating like my pain didn’t just last when I first got up it was all day.

I really enjoy a holistic rehabilitative long term approach to healing my body and pains, so you’re program was a great options. Over 6 weeks, it really brought my pain from all day excruciating pain to only pain when I’m standing and moving for over 12 hours a day in crappy work shoes, but the skin stem automatically takes my pain from a 50 to a 2 it’s crazy how simple that is but I’ve never thought to do it.

I had a cortisone shot right before the program that brought my feet from a 10 to a 4 and the program brought me down to a 0. I know I had the cortisone but overall the long term benefits I take from this will last forever.

-Kaylee Baitinger

Pain from a 7-10 to a 0!

“I can’t say enough good things about Missy and her program!! I’m a massage therapist and before I took Missy’s plantar fasciitis course I was in so much pain! I was scared to get out of bed in the morning because the pain was at a 7-10. I seriously considered getting crutches. I could struggle through an 8hr massage shift with 5-7 level pain. But as soon as I went home and sat for an hour my pain was back up to 7-10. I couldn’t even go for a short walk without being down for 2 weeks with severe pain. Much less go for a light jog!

During the program Missy was very thorough in explaining each exercise, the area we were focusing on, why we were focusing on it and reminding us to be gentle and patient with our bodies. I slowly felt my foot become stronger. I built trust in my body and started to gain full range of motion and a smooth gait. All of these changes were small and incremental but by the 5th week I found myself close to tears that I walked a quick paced quarter mile using my foot, heel to toe, with NO freakin pain!!

-Tess Morehart

Pain from a 7 to a 1!

“The last couple years have been pretty rough for me as I went from being extremely active my whole life to being suddenly plagued with seemingly endless injuries. With that said, of my multiple injuries/problems, my plantar fasciitis started over a year ago.  I have been to multiple people over the past year in search of whatever helps. I’ve seen an orthopedic MD,  massage therapist, accupuncturist and seen multiple physical therapy colleagues. Nothing has really helped. I’ve also dropped ALOT of money on all the different practitioners.

When I started the class, my pain was variable depending on my activity level, but it would sometimes be as high as a 7 or 8. I was literally getting out of bed every morning and hobbling for the first few minutes before I could even stand upright and full weightbear through my feet. Once I started implementing and progressing the exercises, my pain definitely decreased and is now probably a pretty consistent low of 1.  The biggest difference is that after almost a year, I no longer hobble out of bed in the morning. I also know which movements seem to bring the most relief and am able to do them as needed throughout the day when I can. I will admit that I am not as consistent with the exercises as I would like to be, but for the days I am consistent, I feel so much better! Very good motivation to get it done daily!”

-Christina Klemack

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