Better Breathing 101: Less Stress, More Energy, Healthy Life

Breathing is the most important fuel source your body needs immediately. While your brain and body can go for days without food, it can't go more than a few minutes without breathing. Poor respiration (typically chronic over-breathing) can cause a host of health problems and it is seen daily as many people suffer from high stress, low energy, obesity, sleep deprivation and performance issues just to name a few. This course is designed to assess and improve poor breathing mechanics and habits.

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Better Breathing 101: Less Stress, More Energy, Healthy Life

In this course you will learn how to assess your breathing, what potentially triggers poor breathing, exercises to improve breathing, how to troubleshoot and a program you can easily implement into your day to experience the benefits of better breathing, including sleep, weight loss, performance and more!

In this program, I’m going to show you really simple ways to:

  • Assess your breathing and common indicators
  • Avoid common Faults and Triggers
  • Fix How you Breathe
  • Implement Effective Breathing Exercises
  • Build Better Breathing Habits

As well as provide you with the education and programming to take control of your breathing so you can reduce stress, have more energy and think more clearly.  

To help make these new habits stick, you’ll have a follow-along guide and your own Breathing 101 support forum for all questions and needs.

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